[36] Spinnerei_world, Leipzig (D)
Art production, presentation and trade have evolved into major activities at SPINNEREI. Over 100 professional artists - just in the area of fine arts - work within the community. Art from Leipzig and from all over the world is presented by 14 galleries and their exhibition spaces.

ALLE 14 Karsten Schmitz ASPPN
HALLE 14 zoomgo to the web Karsten Schmitz zoom ASPN zoomgo to the web
Arne Linde Dogenhaus Galerie Jochen Hempel
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Maerz Galerie Aris Kalaizis LIA
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Anna-Louise Kratzsch Laden fuer  Nichts Uwe-Karsten  Gunther
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Galerie b2 Michael Gresziak Galeria Hilario Galguera
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Hilario Galguera    
Hilario Galguera zoom